The Silence Inside

I may talk too much
but in my heart is silence
what else can i do
i am condemned to live this life

I look out into the distance
the world is full of love and hate
neither more abundant than the other
surely it was not prescribed this way.

What has become of society
that evil and hatred lives in harmony
with the purity of love
and yet no one turns to see….

Even those who believe
show no interest in what lies in wait
have we not heard the truth?
Do we not see the signs?

Surely the end of days is near
and we must heed the warnings
study the lessons of those who walked before us
and change our ways….

Why do we walk step by step
in the footsteps of those before us
when we know they were astray
do we not see the error in their ways?

Do we not see the error in our ways?
what is it that seals our eyes from the truth
and holds us back from the good
surely this is nothing but a victory for shaytaan


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