All Alone

As I sit here…. All alone
with the truth hanging like a cloud
heavy, above my head
threatening to unleash its tragic downpour.

I wonder…..
how full my life could have been
had I seen the signs
before the end of days.

I am young
but my heart feels old
I am strong
but my soul feels weak

Once, in my heart, I and I alone was King
now I am burdened by the weight of my sins
torn apart by my own regrets
awakened by the Almighty, for the sake of my sanity

My life has passed me by
yet through my blindness, I never saw the love
and through my deafness, never heard the truth
but now I feel, I fear, the power of Allah

In the days of my youth, I failed to realise
that in Islam
when one door is closed
surely another is open

I found myself once
in a room with no doors
I thought it was here
I would pass the rest of my years

I was all alone
as I had always been
the fear in my mind
not the fear of death, but of life

It was in this cold, shallow room
that I first heard the Eternal voice
saw the Eternal light
and embraced the Eternal truth

All these years
I had never been alone
the torch of Islam, had always lit the path ahead
but I had chosen, to shy away from this light

That same light, I now embrace
for it is my only hope
I know now, the light calls on us all
to show to us, the end of this weary tunnel of life.


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