I am drowning in a mist
a mist of sweet smells
a mist of beautiful sights
I am lost, confused…

My senses are fighting with eachother
each boasting a bigger victory than the other
can my ears hear something
more beautiful than the sight before my eyes…?

Can i possibly smell something sweeter
than that which my hands can embrace…?
I don’t know where to turn, all around me
in every direction i see nothing but light

As the battle inside me rages on
i begin to recognise my predicament
it is mentioned by many a learned man
as the one mountain they never conquered

This is the onset of love
such a powerful friend, so strong an ally
many die in its embrace
and many more shy away from its light

But i have chosen to stand firm
for my heart can take pain no more
and my feet refuse to carry me alone
surely the mist will soon rise, like the lifting of a veil…


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