After Every Hardship comes Ease…

I’m sitting here keyboard on my lap, feet curled up under me, rocking on my chair…

Thinking of the old days, the days of present and the days to come…

Life by its very nature consists of various cycles, ‘after every hardship comes ease’, ‘what goes around comes around’, ‘life and death’, and if we look further into the beauty of Allah’s creation we see more and more examples of this ‘the rotation of the sun around the moon’, ‘the orbit of the planets’, ‘the water cycle’, and really the list is endless.

There was a time when only the old days mattered, I was constantly looking over my shoulder, constantly remembering the joys, the smiles and the tears of my past, always falling back over the cliff of despair, never looking forward to see the light ahead.

Then came the days of present, the days which to a certain extent I still reside within, having moved on from my past, now only living one day at a time. Treating every day as its own test, with no care or concern for what lay ahead.

And now the circle is nearly complete, for the first time in my life, as far as I can remember anyway, I have started recently to look forward, planning for my future, preparing for the tests that lay ahead, whilst struggling with the trials of today.

If I look back through these three phases of my life, which I honestly believe were inevitable and could not have been avoided, does one phase bring more smiles to my face than another…. yes, I myself would not have believed that it ever could be true, but looking forward towards the light, basking in the rays of my future as they slowly appear over the horizon, I am possibly happier than I have ever been.

As I look towards my future, I am careful not to delete my past, for in amongst the vast pages that many would see destroyed lies a legacy, a lesson or two that maybe I have missed on my journey, a lesson or two for those who I have passed by, and maybe also for those whom I have picked up on the way.

Life is as strange as it is natural, life is as happy as it is sad, life requires even the bedouin to call the desert his home, for there is no escape from life save death, and only Allah knows when the cycle ends.


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