The Darkness Returns…

Isn’t it funny how we never see it coming? As it rises every morning lighting the sky, lifting the colours and moods of everything it touches, it never clicks that it will pass through its cycle and eventually bring with it the night and all the pain associated.

Isn’t if funny how the darkness comes upon us without warning, how the clouds begin to box in the sun early in the afternoon, how as the day progresses the warmth and blessings of the sun seem to lessen on our faces, how the eerie shadows begin to take their form, how the colours of nature begin to darken and eventually lose their hue altogether, and yet we never see it coming.

How as the evening sets in, even the lights fail to ward off the evil shadows, the window seems to shrink and the darkness seems to overwhelm.

Isn’t is strange that we never see the struggle of the sun, is infact a mirror in the struggle of life, that although we acknowledge that after hardship comes ease, we sometimes forget that the circle does not end there, and actually hardship and ease often chase each others tale, just as the light and the darkness of the sun and moon follow each other almost naturally.

I guess I thought the darkness had left me, I guess I was wrong… the sun had to set eventually, the day had to end with darkness, I dont like the dark, I am afraid of the dark


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