About Me

Name: Imran Saithna

Born: 1st August 1978

About Me: I’ve been called many things in my time, but none of the labels that have been applied have ever stuck for very long. In all honesty, I’m a Jack-of-all-Trades. I like to try new things all the time, my real passions are writing and photography, they are my release, my way of expressing myself, my opportunity to show you all what the world looks like through my eyes.

Contact: imran.saithna@noble-intentions.co.uk



  1. Anon Said:

    May Allah grant you a place in highest heaven amongst the prophets and companions, Aameen

    Imran Saithna passed away from this life on Mon 22nd Jan 2007

  2. Nasser Ahmed Said:

    May Allah grant you the highest Jannah my friend. I hope that we meet again Inshallah.

  3. Abu Huraira Said:

    May Allah accept your efforts brother Imran and give you Paradise.
    Wa Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

  4. usma Said:

    May Allah be pleased with you and grant you jannah

  5. Anon Said:

    I never met Imran but I am a colleague of his mother. What a wonderful man, who achieved more, and did more to help others than most of us ever will. An inspiration. His family must be so so proud.

  6. Danny Said:

    The most generous and humble man I ever met – he had so much to boast about but I never heard him boast. He lived a fuller and better life in 28 years than many do in 80. I am proud to have known him.

  7. Anon Said:

    I met Imran on Haj in December. What a wonderful man he truly was. I didn’t know him well, but what i did know was, he genuinely cared about others and would have helped anyone in need. What a rare quality these days. An inspiration to all.

    May Allah be pleased with you, Imran and grant you the highest Jannah, Ameen

  8. Usayd Younis Said:

    May Allah (SWT) grant you Paradise for all you have given to this world.

  9. sadiq dani Said:

    I have met this brother a good few times, all i know about him is that he humble brother, never raised his voice and always a helping hand, May Allah (SWT) grant him Paradise inshAllah, my duas are with you.

  10. Imran Mohiuddin Said:


    Ive known Imran for quite some time, thru the work of ISB/YM. he was an amazing person who I loved as my brother in islam deeply. He was very close to me.

    Im missing him already and shedding a tear for him

    May Allah swt grant you Janaah



    Imran Mohiuddin
    ISB Newham

  11. Ashraf Said:

    Asalamu Alaikum,

    Truly, to Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.”
    (Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 156)

    My deepest condolences to imran’s family. May Allah help and give you strength during this very diffcult time. Ameen

    May Allah grant you jannah dearest brother imran. Ameen
    I shall miss you & hope to see you again inshallah.

  12. adnaan Said:

    Im very saddened by the news. May Allah grant you a place in heaven brother. Inshallah we will meet once again. Be at peace.

  13. MRM Said:

    Oh Allah (SWT) I pray you give our brother the highest, your majestic light, and expand his grave, Eternal Bliss and an unimaginable sakoon which increases and becomes sweeter for him with every moment that passes, complete forgiveness, the company of the angles and the righteous. Ameen

    On Allah (SWT) give strength and protection to his family and friends, and all of us, and let our sadness remind us of the reality (haqiqat) of our existence and cause us to remember Your Name which brings to us an unimanginable love and sukoon in our batin, our Qalb and all our Lataif. Oh Allah you are our purpose, all we desire is your pleasure, to love you. Ya Allah keep all my brothers and sisters in the company of the righeous. Amen.


  14. Yaser Ali Said:

    May Allah give you infinite reward for your continual hard work and selflessness.

    Although I never knew you that well, I really grew to respect your work-hard attitude. There were so many good things you did that many knew little of, even me in the 10-15 years I have known of you. MashAllah. Very sad to hear the news…

    May Allah grant you a high place in Jannah. Many duas for you and your family.

  15. Jameel Memon Said:

    We say when afflicted with calamity:
    “To Allah (God) we belong and to Him is our return.”

    I am cousin of Imran’s mother:

    Yes, ofcourse our eyes are full of tears but our believe will give strength and patience to bear this tangible loss. I am trying to think if I ever met Imran, probably more than 20 years ago when he visited karachi with his parents. Last time I spoke to him on phone in December 2006, when he was going on Hajj and he said yes, he knows me, which surprised me and I mentioned to his Mom and she said she has asked him to wear a T-shirt with ” SETHNA” printed on back so we all can find each other during Hajj…which did not happen. He will be remembered for all the Good Deeds he has done.

    Jameel Memon

  16. Jamal Shakur Said:

    I am so saddened to hear of Imrans passing I just do not undersand the events surrounding this humble mans death.

    Although I lost touch with Imran i considered him a good friend in our early teenage yrs

    I pray that Allah SWT showers you with his mercy and gives your family the sabr to get through this difficult time.

    Truly we must all return to our creator

  17. Haris Said:

    Never had the pleasure of meeting brother Imran. My deepest condolences to his family.

    My respect to you my brother, you have returned to your Creator, I pray Allah (swt) cleanses your soul and grants you paradise. May you dwell in gardens of bliss.

    Rest in peace.

  18. Umar Said:

    I had a few meetings with Brother Imran & heard nothing but kind words about him.

    My Allah bless you in the eternal life & grant your family strength.


  19. Tazeen Ahmad Said:

    We are all praying for Imran’s soul. May Allah bless Imran with eternal happiness and peace.

    All our love, duas and support extend to his family. We pray Allah gives you the strength and courage to deal with this tragedy.

  20. Shahid Said:

    inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

    i am so shocked and sad to hear of Br. Imran’s passing.how did this happen? cause?

  21. You were in our Hajj group and I’m sorry I did not get to know you better personally. When I got the sad news and googled your name today I realize what a wonderful young Muslim you were. We need more inspiring role models like you.
    May Allah swt give you a noble place among His beloved friends, in His Garden. Ameen.

  22. Fuad Said:

    May anyone chancing upon this website or finding it through purpose pray for our dear departed brother’s soul which will benefit from every single dua Inshallah..

    I feel hollow since hearing of his passing and remember him every day, may Allah truly reward him for everything he did, forgive him his sins and reward him for every intention, every person he inspired and for all he achieved (Amin). May Allah grant his family patience in abundance as I can only imagine what they must be going through. At his burial there were so many brothers wanting to help seal the soil that will protect him, that eventually the digger machine was not used. How many blessings Imran invited that everyone wanted to be at his janazah and ask their Lord for their dear brother.

    We will always remember him in our duas, may that remembrance be so large in quantity his transition from here to Jannah be peaceful and serene (Amin).

    I’ll always pray for you..

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  24. Abdul Majid Hawa Said:

    inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

    From him we come and to him we return.
    May Allah grant all those who leave the Dunia, paradise
    Allah bless all who do work in the cause of Almighty Allah(God).

  25. Shuaib Ahmed Said:

    May Allah swt send his peace and blessings on our brother Imran. May Allah have mercy on his soul and grant him eternal happiness and joy in paradise in the hereafter inshallah and forgive him. May Allah have mercy on all of our souls when our time comes and may He forgive us.Ameen. Allah says in the Qur’an: Every soul shall taste death.

    My deepest condolences to Imrans family.

  26. Tareq Ali Said:

    I have known Br Imran for many years this has been a total shock. I can not stop thinking about him & what happened. He was a great person and a great inspiration.

    I worked with him on Ramadan Radio for a few years & Youth projects & camps in Wales he had so much to offer, I could always rely on him to help out and give the extra 10%.

    Allhumdulliah even at short notice there was hundreds of brothers at the Janaza which just goes to show how many people Imran has affected & helped in his short life.

    May Allah accept your efforts brother Imran and give you Paradise. Ameen I shall miss you & hope to see you again inshallah.

  27. Imran Mohiuddin Said:

    Our Beloved Brother
    Imran Saithna

    The sudden and tragic death of our dear brother, Imran Saithna has caused shock to the many people who knew him, Muslims and non Muslims alike. He was a wonderful person and he was committed to the Deen.

    I knew Imran for over 5 years and up to his death we established a strong friendship through the love and brotherhood we felt for one and other. I met Imran through the work of Young Muslims Brothers, when the then President of YM UK Zahid Amin had helped launch the YMB Harrow branch. From the day I had met him, he came across as an intelligent, articulate, talented, selfless and very funny human being. He loved travelling; playing sport and writing poetry and his various blog’s demonstrate his passion.

    He had a great love for youth work and strongly believed that the youth were the future to taking Islam forward, and the work he did in YMB Harrow reflected this. Whether this was football tournaments, quizzes, creative writing competitions all illustrated his passion in spending time and investing in the youth.

    Imran also showed his willingness to help others by helping YMB Newham branch and sacrificed his own time to pitch in.

    His main contribution in Newham where he had become a household name was through Radio Ramadan, whether this was producing or presenting shows; Imran still made time out to travel across London to make a contribution for the sake of Allah swt. He had brilliant presentation skills and assisted where needed, working long hours to cover slots at short notice. He was much loved and realised the importance of this project in giving the message of Islam feesabilillah

    Imran was also involved in other Newham based projects which included assisting with the Islamic Circles programme that helped develop links with other community organisations.

    Most recently Imran was heavily involved in Muslim Youth Helpline, in a project management role. This further demonstrated his love for youth work and believed that this unique service was the way forward. He had constantly asked myself to volunteer with this service, a request to date I regret not taking up and enjoying his company and input.

    Imran was very active and didn’t just ponder; he put his ideas into action. He went to Kashmir after the earthquake in 2005 working with Relief Shelter Drive, helping the victims which was reflective of his remarkable and humble character- caring for others.

    I received a text message from him advising of his intention to perform Hajj which through the grace of Allah he managed to achieve within weeks prior to his death.

    The news of Imran’s death has been a reminder to me about how short life really is, and the time that Allah allows us to spend; we should use in his service by drawing close to him and earning his pleasure through doing good deeds and forbidding evil.

    Imran Saithna was a unique brother, an active Islamic worker who gave up his time for Allah‘s deen. I looked up to him as someone who put plans into action, lived by Islam and left his mark. He will be sorely missed by the Ummah.

    I pray that Allah swt forgives his sins, accepts his good deeds, grants him Janaatul firdous and comforts his family through these testing times.

    To Allah we belong and to Allah we return.

    Imran Mohiuddin
    7th Muharram 1428

  28. Ina Lila Hi Wa Ina Ilai Hi Rajeun.

    And we meet..

    to depart,

    And then depart –

    Just to meet again.

    Peace and Prayers from everyone here

  29. Sana Ansari Said:

    I never met Imran, but rarely does one ever hear about a person who was so ready to give his time, support and love to all his fellow human beings. He was truly inspirational. May Allah swt forgive all his sins, reward him for all his good deeds and grant him Jannatul firdous inshallah.

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and all those who were close to him. May Allah give you the strength to deal with the irreplaceable loss. Ameen

  30. Rizwan Said:

    I had known Imran through friends and family for a very long time. But we were never well acquainted untill recently when we met at Harrow Mosque events. He was always willing and ready to help out, giving his time and energy for a noble cause which he will not see to fruition. Insahallah he will be rewarded in abundance for his work he did in this world and Inshallah his memory and example will serve to encourage others to give just as selflessly. Ameen

  31. Swaleha N Said:

    Inna lilahi wa ina ilaihi raji’oun

    Ive never met Br Imran but heard only good things about him.He truely was a role model for all of us. This is for sure a reminder of how short life is and an example of how we should aim to be known and remembered by people.

    My Allah make this difficult time easier for his family and those very close to him. May Allah swt forgive his sins, increase his good deeds and grant him Jannat al Firdous. Ameen.

  32. Anon Said:

    May Allah grant Imran peace and forgive him his shortcomings, reward him abundantly for all the good that he did, all the people he selflessly helped and the many many lives he touched.

    May Allah grant his family strength and patience to bear their loss and what must be unimaginable pain and may He keep all of them in the shade of His Mercy.

    May we all remember the lessons from this tragic loss and remember to treasure our loved ones whilst they are with us, and treat all human hearts with kindness, compassion and humanity, never never knowing what burdens are carried by which soul.

  33. Kadeer Said:

    I met Imran for the first time in Hajj (Madina) in December 2006, I was introduced to him by a close friend of mine from Brighton who was also in Saudi. We took a group picture together. Me and Imran are standing together like brothers. We spent one of the days in Mecca at a conference were we had a great time and a laugh!

    Although I’ve known Imran for a short period, we had agreed in Saudi that we will get in contact when we returned back to the UK. It was so sad to hear of his death. In fact it’s still not sinking in. He was a happy delightful person, full of energy.

    May Allah the Almighty grant Imran peace in Junnah, in the short time I had known Imran, I loved him like my brother, I cried when I heard of his passing and now I will pray for him..

  34. saher Said:

    May Allah grant you Paradise.. you will never be forgotten.. you have soo much in so little time that we all have alot of things to do still..

  35. Kay Said:

    I am a friend of Imran’s mother and she was always talking about him my heart go’s out to her and her family god bless

  36. Faisal khan Said:

    Allah bless him, forgive him and we will meet soon…


  37. HijabMan Said:

    Thank you, Imran.

  38. yasmine Said:

    I miss you, my friend. May the sunshine follow you everywhere, and may you be illuminated in Divine light forever.

  39. Nadeem Ilyas Said:

    It has been under a year since I was introduced to brother Imran and you know when they say the first impression of someone is a lasting one? In the case of Imran, no doubt, my first impression of him being a humble, down to earth, sincere and hard working person who wanted to make a difference has proved to be true. Last November both Imran and I worked as photographers for the GPU event held in Excel centre in London and it was a pleasure working with him. In fact, it was only a week before brother Imran departed from this life that I spoke to him and took his email address and telephone number. While covering the peaceful demonstation against US actions in Somalia and Iraq both Imran and I were joking around as I did not have my camera with me (as it ws being fixed) and I asked Imran to take rest and that I was willing to take a few shots of the event. He laughed at the suggestion and continued with what he enjoyed and was good at.

    I miss brother Imran a great deal and pray that Allah swt grant him jannat ul firdos and may we following the good example that he sat for us in his good behaviour and actions. ameen.

  40. Mariah Said:

    ‘To him we belong and to him we shall return..’

    May God fill your grave with peace and noor.. Always.. Aameen

    Br Imran was more of a brother to me than a friend..
    A GEM in the truest sense of the word,
    It was more than a mere nickname..
    His words rang so true,
    I’ll miss the reading and the reflection..
    His actions were amazing,
    I’ll miss the praising and the inspiration..

    He was a geat man, who touched the hearts of all that met him and heard of him..
    I can proudly say I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful man,
    But shamefuly say I regret not keeping in touch as much..

    His left behind his footprint in this world –
    the beautiful of example of a selfless being.
    May we follow in his footsteps,
    and pray for him to be in peace…

    I’ll miss you my dear brother..
    May we meet again in the hereafter..


  41. Homam Said:

    He created death and life that He might try you according to which of you is best in works. Quran 67:2

    Thank you for inspiring so many Imran,

    In your demise you leave a legacy

  42. MUM Said:

    Inna Lilahi wa inna ilahi rajaun
    (Truly to Allah we belong and truly, to him we shall return)

    In memory of my loving son Imran Saithna (1978-2007)

    Dearest son Imran
    Your death has surely been
    A test of my Imaan( Faith).

    I thought I was strong
    I thought I could cope with the storm
    I am very weak and feeble and absolutely torn.

    Two weeks gone by
    I have stumbled and fumbled
    I have wept and wept day and night
    Unable to see any bright light.

    My heart shudders
    My tears roll
    My body aches with the pain
    For your departing soul.

    If this is Allah’s wish
    Dearest son Imran
    Then I have to bow with Submission
    For in Islam there is NO Question
    But True Acceptance.

    Your Father, Your Sister, Your Brother, your Aunt
    Your Uncles, Your Cousins
    And Family and Friends around the world
    Have cried and cried.

    But I will tell you something my dearest son
    We all, every single one
    Are full of pride

    Your life was short
    You left us in the prime of your youth
    It hurts our heart
    It’s hard to believe
    To give us any relief
    It is a fact
    There is No doubt that it is Allah’s act.

    By the age of 28
    You had touched so many lives
    In different ways
    For which Allah has witnesses.

    There were hundred’s of friends
    At your Funeral Prayer
    There were hundreds at your burial

    Your grave was sealed not by a digger
    But by the hands of hundred’s of youth
    And my Dearest Son
    So many hearts and hands praying for you.

    You were an inspiration
    Everybody says so
    How many of us would follow your contributions
    With so much of dedication.

    Who will be brave like you to go to the Earth Quake Zone?
    Who will bury parts of the bodies shattered by the stones?
    Who will see the plight of families lost all their loved ones?

    Who will go hungry and give their share of food to the alone?
    Who will work with prisoners to integrate them in society?
    Who will raise funds for mosques and organize Eid Parties?

    Who will give up their Eid Day to work with charity organisations?
    Who will hold quizzes and poetry competitions?
    Who will say that we all need to be respected
    Whether we are Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus or others.

    When you were a baby
    I called you a Gold Medalist
    Because you were the best of my three babies.

    The world did not know this my son
    But today when you are gone, they say you were a gem
    And a Shining star
    This really confirms.

    Dearest son Imran
    Now you are under ALLAH’s tender care and protection
    I pray along with all, that Allah Ar-Rahman, (Most Gracious)
    Ar-Rahim(Most Compassionate) will take care of you
    Just like you did of me on Haj.

    As He is The Most Merciful and Forgiving
    I pray that He out numbers all your good deeds and forgives your bad.
    Gives you the highest Rank in Janaat ul Firdous( Paradise)

    I also pray that Allah being As Sabur (The Patient)
    Gives us all the patience to cope with the loss of not only a son
    A brother, a friend but A GEM
    May we meet again in the Here After.Ameen
    ( Writing this poem has been very difficult ,I have shed a million tears. Nothing in comparision to Imran’s writing, just a picture of my thoughts). Let’s all pray for the Families in Iraq, Palestine and around the world that are afflicted by tragedies each day. Let’s not forget that for a mother every child’s death is like loosing her precious GEM. Just imagine for one second how many Gems gone each day.
    May Allah rest their souls in peace Ameen).
    Atiya Saithna

    • Sikander Said:

      Subhan Allah! Umm Imran, so much love, so much pain reading this poem has assured me my friend is in Jannah, bi fadh lillah.

      قَالَ رَسُولُ اللٌّهِ )ص): أَلْعَبْدُ الْمُطِيعُ لِوَالِدَيهِ وَ لِرَبِّهِ فِي أَعْلَى عِلِّيِينَ.

      The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his family) has stated: “One who is obedient towards his parents and his Lord shall be accommodated in the most exalted of places on the Day of Judgment.”

      قَالَ رَسُولُ اللٌّهِ )ص): مَنْ أَرْضَى وَالِدَيْهِ فَقَدْ أَرْضَى اللٌّهَ وَ مَنْ أََسْخَطَ وَالِدَيْهِ فَقَدَ أَسْخَطَ اللٌّهَ.
      The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his family) said: “One who pleases his parents has verily pleased Allah, and one who has angered his parents has verily angered Allah.”

      Pray for me too

  43. Tracy J Said:


    You say you are weak… but your strength has no boundary.Keep this strength and know that there are people outside your family who may not always say it, but know it and appreciate it more than words can say.

    I read your piece with many tears in my eyes, as a mother, as a friend and a colleague.

    with love
    Tracy J xx

  44. RZR Said:

    Dearest Atiya Aunty,

    You’ve always been one of the strongest people i know: a fountain of strength and faith and you have highlighted this in the aftermath to Imrans death. Your poem is beautiful and Imran would have loved it. More importantly, Imran was inspired to do so many good things because of the teachings and upbringing that came from you and uncle. He inherited you gentle but determined ‘social conscience’ and would never deny anyone who needed help, whether the need was large and publicised or something no-one would ever know off except his close friends. For example, he once went to the mosque for prayers and then stayed and delayed all his plans because there was a janazah prayer for a man but only the coffin was there—nobody else had come. So Imran stayed and then even went for the burial as far as I remember. He never told many people these little things that meant so much in terms of charity but just kept doing them.

    The fact that Imran is so missed and has left a void with so many people from so many parts of the world and from so many different walks of life is testimony not only to what a gentle and precious gem he was but also is testimony to you and your family for the love and teachings you gave him; they acted as the foundation from which he could derive his specialness.

    Always remember how he held your hand during Hajj—on his last weeks in this world. He chose to look after you and came back and told me his main concern throughout the trip had been you and uncle. During Hajj, most people strive to be close to Allah. I know Imran would have strived for this too, but as always he did it through helping others: this time his beloved mum and dad. Hajj is supposed to be one of the most important and ‘dunya’ free events of our life—Imran left behind his mobile, his attachments to the UK and without all these things he was at his most basic and true form: he prayed all day and took care of you. You must be so proud that Imrans bare necessities came down to worshipping Allah through devotion and dhikr and making sure that you and uncle were okay—that’s all he needed for peace of mind at such at important time.

    At a talk I attended on ‘death’ recently, one of the speakers suggested that we should always speak well of the departed soul and speak of his good deeds as these deeds are then written again for the soul and benefit him. Imran offered so much to people that it is fitting that on his transition from this world to the next, so many dozens of people are speaking of his good deeds—over and over again…for all the efforts he made in this world, may the efforts and good intentions be multiplied and written for him again and again Insh’Allah

    Imran left so many of his friends with so many tasks to strive for: to always leave an impact of a gentle few words and smile whoever we many be talking to and whatever their faith many be, to always have a social conscience and act on it, to always strive to be a the kind of friend that people feel privileged and proud to introduce, to always seek knowledge, to always attend Jummah, to always run for Tawarih prayers, to always be able to laugh whole heartedly, to enjoy good food and desserts, to always respect our parents and try and take care of them. He succeeded in all these tasks and I’m proud to have known him.

    Your family’s strength, faith and dignity has shone in the last few weeks but I hope you can remember that whilst your loss is greater than anyone elses, we all miss Imran and we are all still behind you, praying for your youngest child and praying for you.

    With love and duas,

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  46. usman khan Said:

    salaam i just came upon the sad news…even though i dont know this brother or the poeple who know him because iam from american…but he was a brother of mine in islam and may allah bless his soul and forgive his sins and grant him the highest level of jannah…may allah give his family patience and give them the stength they need to get over this immense trafedy.

    i was brought to tears by the poem his mother wrote…we cant even imagine her pain…may allah make it easy for u aunty…salaam

  47. Anwar Hussien Said:

    Has the cause of death been confirmed. I.e. The coroners report.??

  48. Anwar Hussien Said:

    My apologies if the above question offends. But it is playing on my mind. May Allah have mercy on the departed.

  49. Anon Said:

    I miss you Imran…

  50. A Friend Said:

    I believe that the coroner recorded an open verdict.

  51. Tahseen Said:

    Inaa lillah wa inna ilayhi raji’un
    May Allah grant him Janna

  52. sister Said:

    as-salamualaikum ….

    ..Innah lilah wa inah ilaihi raji’oon…

    …….May Allah reward you with the best of rewards brother…

    subhanAllah….im in tears…jus happened to read sumthing on deenport that directed me to the website.. i didnt know of the brother beforehand….

    Aunty…your poem / tribute was beautiful…may Alah ease your + ur family’s pain and through your trial raise you+family in rank and bring you all closer to Him..i cant stop cryin as i write this…Ya Allah….

    Stay strong Aunty…

    Your humble duas….

  53. Likkle sister Said:

    It’s already been a year. Time moves on and so do the rest of us but you’ll never be forgotten. God i miss you, theres so much i would have liked to tell you. I pray you’re resting in peace now. God bless. Ameen

  54. MUM Said:

    Miss you every minute of the day my son. Yes a year gone by but life is just not the same without you Imran.I pray that Allah SWT is taking good care of you and that you are in peace in Barzak. InshAllah see you soon.

  55. Fuad Said:

    I don’t know why, but for some reason today I just remembered you. The stories you’d tell at the early iftaars when we used to come round to your place, the warmth with which you’d always meet me and everyone, the way you always were striving for so much more despite outdoing all of us in good deeds. I remember the last time I saw you at a fundraiser for Harrow mosque and where you spoke about your trip to the earthquake zone. I remember speaking to you once after that and just having so much respect for you and feeling so proud to know you because of all the good you were doing.

    Then today I remembered the news of your death and how it struck me like a nail in the heart. I remember your Janazaah and the scores of people at your burial and your father’s face when I met him. I remember seeing Adnan at your place and the sorrow and strength that were reflected on his face by a thin dividing line. I still keep asking my parents about your parents and pray they are healing, I can’t imagine their loss and still can’t believe you’re gone.

    I don’t know why, but I looked out of my window today and a soft breeze was blowing the trees and caressing the leaves. I just remembered you for some reason and began praying for you.

    May Allah reward you for all that you did and continue to do, because whenever we remember you we remain inspired. May Allah grant your parents strength and give us all patience. Thank you for everything you left behind in your deeds.

    I look back and remember our first meeting and can’t believe I am here today, and you’re not. It still feels strange. Acceptance is still impossible, I just think you’ve gone away for a while and we miss you, and I hope we’ll meet again soon Inshallah.

    Love you bro. Praying for you. May Allah grant all those you’ve left behind patience. Ameen.

  56. Fuad Said:

    Early morning, a bird sings as I awake
    I stumble outta bed and struggle with the 1st step I take,
    Shoot a glance at my wife and thank Allah for my life,
    My 2 baby girls are the stars in my eyes
    But as I make wudu the mirror reminds me of how time flies,
    With sadness in my essence I remember your presence
    and how a brother can make a difference every day of his existence,
    Ain’t no lie – we didn’t get time to be the closest of friends
    Life took us on different paths but we all end up the same in the end;
    But every memory of you makes me smile so true
    Your face haunts me sometimes saying make the most of what you can do
    Not a day goes by when I don’t remember my promise to your father:
    ‘I’ll pray for him forever, stay strong, give my love to his mother’
    She was the sparkle in your eye, the fire in your heart
    When I remember you together you were inseparable from the start;
    Your family meant the world to you and you kept adding to the list
    Across the globe you embraced everyone as your brother and sis,
    You were always down with the Truth, a Ghetto Philosopher
    All I’ve got are memories as I think what’s it all for?
    Every day we have is a chance to make things better
    Thank Allah for our families, every word and every letter
    he’s sent down for us his divine guidance benevolence
    Yet we don’t always heed and claim innocent ignorance?
    No-one knows when their day’s up and what their record will hold,
    But I pray you’ll recognise me in Paradise and we’ll stand shoulder to shold,
    Growing up together in the same neighbourhood
    Creates a bond you’d never expect but one you should,
    It’s time for Fajr and I raise my hands in prayer:
    ‘Dear God take care of Imran and those he left behind here;
    Mum’s not doing too well, I beg You to make her better,
    We’re all so helpless I had to write this letter.’
    Time to go now, just wanted to send a dua that’s true:
    Bro I miss ya and I’ll mourn you til I join you.



  57. Raza Said:

    It has nearly been 2 years since Imran’s departing. I’m glad and take some comfort from seeing this website still up and running.

  58. Raza Said:

    Over the 2 years I’ve often remebered Imran. I won’t profess that I knew you the best or that I ever understood you totally.

    I recall first meeting you at football, thinking – damn this guy has a good left foot. I think we were 16 at the time. We then met again at MYH over 10 years later again.

    At MYH we were always able to rely on you.

    I remember on the Prison Campaign you single handedly did more work than the rest of us put together.

    I remember when you returned from Pakistan, and I saw your pictures. I remember feeling inspired, and felt admiration for your guts to just get up and go.

    Over the past 2 years I’ve often wondered how your family must be coping. It must be tough. But they should take comfort in the fact that many people still recall your good deeds, I met some old MYH people a few weeks ago, and you were fondley remembered.

    May Allah grant you a place in paradise, may he magnify your good deeds, and forgive your bad. May Allah give patience to your parents, and family. You’ll always be remembered.


  59. Imran's little friend :) Said:

    It’s coming up to 2 years now, since Imran left this world and I am still holding back grieving him. I know a part of him belongs to everyone, to his beloved mother, his father, brother and sister. But also a part of him belonged to us, his friends. They say, you don’t know how much a friend is worth to you until they are gone- and I am so sorry that I had to learn that lesson with Imran. Of course I would have never told him that had he been here (it wouldve been too much of an admission to make and he would have never let me live it down!)

    I have not yet deleted his mobile number from my phone, or his emails from my inbox- I found a random recording that had his voice on it the other day and I couldnt listen to it for fear my mind would play tricks with me. I know I am writing this as if he could hear, but I pray that he has gone to a world far better than this one. He especially, would have been disgusted with the state of the world as it is. He would have been disgusted but optimistic and in knowing his reaction, he is still teaching me whilst he is gone.

    I am trying to write more these days, something I’m sure would’ve excited noone but him. And the world around me is moving to one I always thought he would be there for, one that I always thought he would help supervise, like a caretaker 🙂 but it is of course another reminder that he is not here. I’m sure my loss is not a lonely one, I know that he meant as much to me as he did to a thousand other people- but that was the man he was. A finger in every pie 🙂

    I don’t like talking about Imran in past tense, so I’ll stop- because for me his memory is still alive.

  60. Imran Said:

    salaam All

    the 2nd anniversary of our dear brother’s death is on the horizon, still can’t believe he is no longer with us- he was so dear to me and time has travelled so quickly. May Allah grant him Janaah and give his family sabar Ameen.

    So much happened in the last 2 years and I pray Imran is in a better and more deserving place Ameen

  61. Anon Said:

    It seems you are in many peoples thoughts Imran, Alhamdulillah, what a blessing to have so many people praying for you and your family. I…we…all your friends miss you so very much and while two years may have passed you are still ever present in our thoughts and prayers. You were with us just last week at a very special occasion, included in our conversations, I’m sure you’d have loved the drama of it all!

  62. Anon Said:

    I miss you today bro, seriously miss you. People so easily forget and take each other for granted but you weren’t one for that, you knew to make sure every single person felt worthy and heard. I rate you for it always. Miss you.

  63. Your little bro Said:

    I still think of you and miss seeing you around. Gone but never forgotten.

  64. Ahmad Said:

    I still remember your number bro! 07939 096 464 🙂 I vividly recall frantically trying to get thru to you the afternoon I heard of your passing
    your parents, like you, are an inspiration to me and countless others.
    may Allah raise us with those whom we love and may those whom we love be amongst those that love Allah and His Messenger and may we be raised together. Ameen!
    see you in jannah, inshaAllah.

  65. Imran Mohiuddin Said:


    Just prayed Isha at my local masjid and just remembed the date, and remembered you in my heart and prayers, miss you heaps bro and much loved, your passing was one of the saddest moments I have experiences

    May Allah (swt) keep you in peace and grant you the highest of Jannah. Ameen

    Imran Mohiuddin

  66. Arif Kassam Said:


    I remember Imraan Saithna from our time at Radio Ramadan. Alhamdulilaah I had a great experience and honour of spending many days before and during Ramadhan together.

    Allah is my witness, I remember how I would come to the office from home and I’ll find Imraan sleeping on the sleeping bag during Ramadhan. The nights were generally cold and I would wake Imraan up. Subhannallah the brother would sleep on the floor away from the comfort of his home just so he could help / support our radio shows. Since the brother did the late shows, it would have meant him missing his train, hence he chose to sleep on the carpet of the radio station.
    I wonder, how many people would sacrifice their home, their bed and the comfort of their family so they can help in the effort of the dawah.

    Imraan would make the radio office buzz. He was hard working and volunteering to help. He would treat us and look after us as if we were his younger brothers.

    Alhamdulilah and how fortunate the mother of Imraan, who had the privilage to raise such a sublime example for the Muslims. Those Muslims who suffer from ‘excusitise’. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!! Here is a brother who had hundreds of excuses of not helping out. He lived far, he would miss the train, he had exams, “wanna do Iftaar wid da family” etc etc etc.
    However, nothing was going to stop him from achieving his aim.

    I pray that Allah accept Imraan from amongst the people of Jannah and that Allah forgive us and help us to live our life by such as outstanding example.

  67. Homam Said:

    Salam bro, I randomly remember you and it inspired me. See you in the next world inshallah

  68. MUM Said:

    Missing YOU tremendously this Ramadhan, Praying for you all the time. See you in Heaven inshaAllah

  69. Nicotine : Said:

    when it comes to sleeping bags, polyester sleeping bags with cotton padding are the best that you can buy `

  70. Imran Mohiuddin Said:


    Remembered the date, almost 4 years on now….may Allah SWT have mercy on you Imran. You are much missed and loved you for the sake of Allah and his religion tremendously Ameen…still remember our good times in ISB/YM days especially on radio ummah.

    May we meet again IA…in heaven through Allah’s grace and mercy


    Imran Mohiuddin

  71. Simi Mawji Said:

    Salaam Alaykum,

    I was a friend of Imran’s at MYH. I still really miss him. I remember that he was selling some pictures that he took in Pakistan. I remember one in particulat that I loved but did not have the chance to buy it? Aunty do you have any of his photos I could buy?

    I really miss him. He was a very good mad and with all the good work that he has done and the inspiration he was he is in a better place.

  72. Sikander Said:

    Asa All

    I too remember Imran.

    May Allah Azza wa Jal grant him a higher abode in Jannatul Firdaws and the honour to meet and serve our Nabi (as).

    Imran was Imran, only the hearts he touched understand his absence, such a down to earth simple person, with a heart of gold and warmth that can still be felt at this present time. May he rest in peace, Aameen

    Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajioon

    Sikander, wsa

  73. Mustafa Said:

    Imran Bro,
    At quiet times, when I’ve run out of steam, and I find myself asking, why, what for, how much longer… I hear your voice and I see you sparkling green eyes. In those moments I sit back and remember our heady, youthful days at MYH. You were fearless, relentless, passionate, strong… Youth Voices was incredible, truly ground-breaking and more than anything, a reflection of your amazing energy and determination. That was what was so beautiful about MYH and you embodied that spirit perfectly.
    I’ve never forgotten you and I never will. Truly, a little piece of you lives on inside me bro.

  74. Rima Said:

    I dont know why but woke up at 5.30am today suddenly remembering Brother Imraan Saithna and what an amazingly warm and generous person who was. I remember his warm sparkling eyes full of care and somtimes cheek, I remember the projects we worked on together and what a hard worker he was never thinking of himself and always thinking of others, never resting until things were done or the poject was over, how he intlligent he was always had a solution fo any problems we had faced. I felt guilty at not remembering him more often and remembering him in my dua but I was pleased to see that people continue to remember him and leave messages on this site, what an inspiration he truely was, gone but your memory lives on my dear brother in Islam, I will remember you in my duas always ..

  75. This is the Droid you are looking for…

    I fancied this….

  76. MUM Said:

    May Allah SWT accept your good deeds and forgive your sins and have you under his mercy all the time. My duas are with you each day!

  77. Francisco Said:

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot
    about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with some pics to
    drive the message home a little bit, but instead of
    that, this is wonderful blog. An excellent read.
    I will definitely be back.

    • Fuad Said:

      Seen years later, brother Imran Saithna is still in my duas, my memories and a part of my life.

      Your impact on this world is inshallah being rewarded. You’re constantly in the back of my mind and I still can’t believe you’re not here. I often think how wise you would be today given how thoughtful and experienced you were when you were here.

      I hope inshallah we’ll see each other in the hereafter and that you are granted one of the highest stations in paradise. May Allah always bless you, reward you for all you did and take care of your family (ameen).


  78. IMSoldiers Said:

    Men`s health

  79. Faisal Said:

    Don’t know why but been thinking of Imran recently. I just make dua that you are at peace. May the Allah swt forgive you, expand your grave and grant you Jannah.

    The Good Die Young.

  80. Nomaan Said:

    Eight years have passed since we lost our dear brother, and even today, I miss your presence. You were a light in our lives, Imran, a light that shone twice as bright as everyone else, but for only half as long.
    I have nothing but the upmost respect for everything you achieved whilst you graced us with your presence. I’m very proud of you, my brother, and I feel honoured to have known you.
    I always hoped we’ll meet again, but I’m not sure I will be granted access to the highest heaven where you reside.
    Always in my prayers,

    • Hom Said:

      Gone but never forgotten

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